Writing A Winning Resume Part 1

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Tips to writing a winning resume

A resume is one of the most important screening tools companies use to decide which potential candidates to interview.  Since most hiring authorities look at a resume for less than 40 seconds, the time you invest in its creation is very important; the information therein will determine whether you are considered for an interview.

Employers want to know about your skills and accomplishments and how these will benefit their company. It will be helpful to look at your resume from the Employer’s point of view. Ask yourself, “How do my skills and experience look to a potential employer?” In order to ensure your resume promotes your career in the most positive light, consider the following information.

Personal Information:

The first section should include your name, address, home phone number, mobile phone number, fax number and e-mail address. If you may be contacted at your current employer, you may include your work phone number and your fax number. Be sure to include all of this information so you can be easily contacted by the potential employer.

Top Accomplishments That Most Interest Employers:

  • Increased revenue (by how much $?)
  • Saved money (How much $?)
  • Increased efficiency (By what percentage?)
  • Cut overhead (By how much $?)
  • Increased sales (By how much $?)
  • Improved workplace safety (By doing what?)


Resume checklist:


  1. Is all the important information included?
  2. Is the information included important to the employer?
  3. Have I used specific, quantifiable numbers in describing my accomplishments?
  4. Is all the information included accurate?
  5. Is the typeset/font clear, professional?

 Work History & Education are key.

In part 2 we will look at both of those aspects of your resume.

Extra Tip: As we look at your resume it is also a good time to look at your linkedin profile if you have one, or start one.

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